Jorge Elía



"Phedra" , Medidas: 0,60 x 0,84

"Pronaos" , Medidas: 0,55 x 0,71


Artistic paintings, austere, non-figurative, upon sometimes irregular surfaces that can't quite be called rectangular, painted in acrylic upon an untraditional textured base, some being vividly colored triptychs with a clean palette.
Underlying this is based in a subjectively geometric symbolism, almost Pythagorean, the space where the exposition will be presented, entitled “Sanctum”, one of the rooms of Karina Paradiso art gallery that grants this exhibition intimacy and an enveloping space.

Portada I Azogue I Sanctum I I Sanctum II I Sanctum III I Sanctum IV I Exposición 2007 I Amelia I Poema I Exposición 2004 I Anita ! I Retrospectiva


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